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A kid loving boy who cares about everyone he meets. He's sensitive but funny as hell when you get to know him. He's sweet and caring but also can be a skank at times. He's kind and is a good listener if you need someone to vent too. He's not particularly good with the english grammar yet but that makes him adorable. He's a wonderful russian boy that is sexy as hell and knows it too. He's not stuck-up but can seem like it at certain situations. He's one of those people that it seems like you have known them for a lifetime once you meet them.
That guy is kind sensitive and cute, he's sure a Yadeer.
by LORD VOLDEMORT August 06, 2012
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an overrated Texas band comprised of four siblings and a "friend" run by domineering stage parents. They sing about asinine concepts that most people cannot relate to and steal most of their "dreamy" quality from bands such as Radiohead, Sparklehorse, and Midlake. A prime example of image over content.
14 year old girl: Whoa like did you hear "Room Noises" yet? They sing about like trolleys and magic!!!

Male Hipster who wants to fuck little girls: Um...yeah...the music.

Normal Music lover with taste: *vomits*
by lord voldemort April 23, 2005
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