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One form of music theory, similar to harmonic theory, which insists that by combining two opposing genres of music, the resulting music contains the strengths of both genres, and makes up for the weaknesses of each individual genre.
-Linkin Park's album "Hybrid Theory" mixes primarily the two music genres of Rock and Rap. The album uses Rock to fill in the harmonic and melodic gaps which traditional Rap songs have, while using Rap to employ more unique beats and allowing for more complicated lyrics.

-Daft Punk's "Tron: Legacy" mixes primarily the two genres of Electronic and Classical. The Album uses Classical to deeply inspire emotion in the audience that could not be achieved by any other genre, while the Electronic genre makes the music much more exciting and upbeat to make the classical music much less boring.

-Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” mixes primarily the two genres of Rock and Jazz. The Jazz in the album allows for much more expressive instrumental solos and a groovier sound, while the Rock makes the Jazz tolerable to listen to. The result of mixing Jazz and Rock is a psychedelic sound.
by LEot128 January 24, 2011

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1. describing a mischievous, yet light-hearted and cheeky event.
2. having characteristics of a shenanigan.
3. A fun word to say out loud.
Kidnapping a person, bringing them to a different location, making them do the chicken dance, then returning them to their original location in a reasonable amount of time, is shenaniganian.

"Taking a crap on his car is not shenaniganian, that's just cruel."

"Let's do something shenaniganian tonight!"

"The students took part in the shenaniginian party rocker flash mob"
by LEot128 December 09, 2011

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1: To be owned by being slapped in the face by the long hair of male.

2: To have long, masculine hair forcibly thrust into one's face.


By societal standards, Men do not traditional have long hair. Frequently, if a man does have long hair, other individuals will make derogatory comments about his hair, despite the fact that he grows it out to donate to cancer patients.

Sepowning is named after a Sir Sepos from medieval Germany. Sir Sepos valiantly wrestled for his kingship, but was looked down upon by other bigger, fatter, wrestlers. Upon the four sided war of 1465, the largest of the German wrestlers, commonly referred to as "Big Zib", or "Zibby", made the mistake of telling Sir Sepos to cut his hair. It had been a particularly bad day for Sir Sepos, and having taken enough ridicule for his long hair, Sir Sepos wrestled "Zibby" to the the floor. Once proving his dominance, Sir Sepos, in his frustration and lack of anything better to do, dangled his long hair in the face of "Big Zib." Meanwhile, "Zibby" cried out in what appeared to be physical pain.

Since the battle between "Zibby" and Sir Sepos, other long haired men have adopted the ritual of quickly turning their head, and slapping people in the face with their long hair, when insulted about their hair.
Jerk: Cut your hair hair! You look like an ugly girl!

Long Haired Man: Shut up, I'm growing it out to give to locks for love.

Jerk: What girl would want your hair? Its gross as hell!

(Long Haired Man slaps Jerk in the face with his hair)

Jerk: Oh my God, that's gross.

Random Person: You just got Sepowned!!!
by LEot128 February 28, 2010

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