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An intimate shower taken between 2 persons solely for the purpose of saving time, completely devoid of any sexual connotation.
"Oh shit, my alarm didnt go off"
"Shit... I have to be at work in 20 minutes"
"We'll just have to shower together"
"Hey man, thats gross"
"Nah its cool... It'll be a Business Shower"
"Aight dog"
by LEVIATHAN1000 July 23, 2009
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An absurdly flamboyant gay man that is either unaware or still in denial about his sexuality and either way doesn't realize that it is abundantly obvious to every other human being except Terri Schiavo
"What is Mitch doing with a girlfriend? That kid's gayer than teletubby figure-skaters."

"yeah...it's a pretty severe case of Glass Closet Syndrome."

"Well, you cant blame a guy for trying. What's the girls story?"

"...oh, she's just retarded."
by LEVIATHAN1000 February 25, 2010
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The amount (usually exorbitant and unfair) that a bank will charge you as penalty for withdrawing money from a competitor bank's ATM.
Me: Hello is this Chase?

Villainous Usurious Bank Monkey (VUBM): Yes it is

Me: What is this $15.00 fee on my statement for date 12/15?

VUBM: You withdrew money from a Bank of America ATM.

Me: That is true, but this penalty seems both exorbitant and unfair.

VUBM: I am sorry sir but that is our standard Surcharge Sodomy fee.

Me: I see....(expletive)
by LEVIATHAN1000 December 18, 2010
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