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That movie was teh win.

<guy_1> What's 3 + 4?
<guy_2> 7.
<guy_1> teh win
by LAV March 27, 2003
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01.) An imaginary award given to persons who state the obvious.

02.) Also used in a sarcastic sense to agree with someone, similar to "ok, if you say so". Usually used only when the person being "agreed" with is stating an extremely unpopular opinion.

03.) Can also be used in a genuine manner, similar to "thank you". (see example 3)
<guy_1> dude, macs are expensive
<guy_2> the world cup, it's yours

<guy_1> hitler was gay
<guy_2> no, hitler had the right idea
<guy_1> ... you win the world cup

<guy_1> anyone have last night's mozilla binary?
<guy_2> i do
<guy_1> world cup == yours
by LAV March 27, 2003
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He is just teh w00t!
That person is so El Lobo :O~
by LAV July 12, 2004
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Smart, beautiful, strong, a girl who knows her value, it is better to have her on your side because against you she can be dangerous, she will always do everything to defend her loved ones.
Estatira is smarter than you think
by LAV November 23, 2021
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to have proof of something.
Girlfriend: My girl said she saw you with that other bitch!

Boyfriend: Did she? alright then, SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS!
by LAV March 8, 2012
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