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The cool version of Nate. N8 is the Gr8test M8 anyone could ever have. He's from Canada and he likes to M8 with his D8 Lisa from the United St8s, and they eat food off the same PL8. N8 is not one you should H8. He is also God, it must by F8. He'll be waiting for you at the golden G8s. N8 will devast8 those who W8 and those who are L8. He has a lot of wonderful TR8s. He GR8s his B8 before masturb8s. He loves to celebr8 with his prost8. He also likes to suffoc8 the STR8 deb8s.
College Kid #1: Wtf, what's that guy doing with the cheese grater?
College Kid #2: Oh, that's just N8. He's just gr8ting some b8 'cause he's about to go masturb8.
N8: Hey guys! Wanna come watch me masturb8?! It's gonna be GR8!
by L8RZZZ November 06, 2019

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Something that you cannot hear.
Guy: Whoa, you hear that sound?
Girl: No. Because I can't hear it.
Guy: Must be a legit sound then if you can't hear it.
by L8RZZZ November 06, 2019

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