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The phenomenon of becoming fascinated with a casual acquaintance or friend of a mutual friend to the point where your perception of their awesomeness inexplicably inspires you to initiate a new friendship. Upon meeting said new-person the afflicted are riddled with feelings similar to those of a real crush; such as wanting to spend time with them, laughing at their jokes more than others, admiration, girly giddiness, etc., Friend crushes are notorious for striking quickly and inciting gossip. Friend Crushes are more commonly observed in females but are also rampant in the male world, albeit manifesting themselves in slightly different ways, see male specific definition under Man Crush
Lu: "Holy Crap Karamy is awesome, I think I have a total friend-crush on her!?"
by L0o October 27, 2009
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(1) adj. Hybrid of Ninja and Fantastic. Describes one who is fantastic and a ninja at the same time. (2) v. the display of certain skills or abilities which are esentially 'ninja' in every way imaginable (i.e. possessing high skill-level abilities that border on super-natural, being super sneaky, omnipresent, smarter than Alabamians, perfecting the superpunch, agility, stealth, cat-like reflexes, etc.) Commonly used to describe Lu and her unmatched ninja skills; when performing an extreme act of ninja greatness AmyLu has been known to describe her mood as NINJASTIC.
Lori: OMG, WTF! did you see how awesome and sexy it was when Amy released the Ninja Cat on Joe that night?


Joe: Josh man, did you hear about Amy spraying Chanel in my beer for months?

Josh: No I was busy being an asshat, but that sounds pretty Ninjastic of her...

Lori: Hey Amy, you seem like you're in a ninjarific mood as usual, you must have done something really awesome and ninja today?

Amy: Yeah, it's not my fault I'm awesome, so I'm just feeling pretty Ninjastic...
by L0o August 19, 2009
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