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When you punch yourself in the balls as hard as you can to kill the sperm right before you ejaculate into a woman's vagina as to avoid other forms of birth control.
"Wow, the punching bag I gave myself last night hurt, but not as bad as 18 years of child support would have."
by Kyle Willinger April 02, 2007

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A move created by one of the sickest dudes in La Crosse. This is when you 69 and go the extra inch and half (three inches total) so that both partners are licking buttholes. Also known as the Buisman #2.
Tim: "What's the quickest way to eat shit and get a clean asshole?"
Harold: "The La Crosse Toss baby... Oh yeah."
by Kyle Willinger October 18, 2007

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When you are nailing a chick while the game Tecmo Super Bowl is playing on the television. There is no better soundtrack than the blips, bleeps, whistles, and grunts of the 8/16 bit era when hiding your salami. This move also gives you Masculinity +2.
Adam: "Is the game still at half time?"
Ken: "No, I hit the controller with my foot while nailing her."
Adam: "Still 8-0 Bears?"
Ken: "Yup. The Tecmo Super Bowl was completed."
by Kyle Willinger October 18, 2007

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