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From Austin Powers in GoldMember, Goldmember referes to Austin's father as Fasha, or Fa Zha
Im Gonna Kill Yo' Fasha
by Kunal Pahwa June 03, 2005
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Symbolizes POWER, hence the Pahwa...The most dangerous last name ever created...People born under this last name are prone to be the people that run the economy due to their high status
My God he is so damn pahwaful
I know ehh!!
by Kunal Pahwa January 26, 2005
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The name obviously symbolizes someone with talent, skill, and knowledge. Other words that can be associated to this name are as follows: The King, The Master, Your Daddy, Dare Devil, Stunta, etc etc. Basically if your name is not Kunal Pahwa, you are obsolete! Nuff said...
- Kunal Pahwa is so cool isnt he?
- Man I wish i was Kunal Pahwa
- God, Kunal Pahwa is such a wicked name!
- Aw man, if only I was as skilled as Kunal Pahwa
by Kunal Pahwa March 28, 2005
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