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Used when someone is blocking your view of something. In layman's terms, it means 'Move!'. Its origins come from the physics term 'delta-x', which indicates a change in displacement (ie. movement from one position to another)
*Rednuts stands in front of whiteboard*
Ratrick: Hey Rednuts, delta-x.
Rednuts: delta-x, what?
Ratrick: MOVE!
by Krooga June 28, 2005
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Another name for a BSOD (blue screen of death), a term used to describe a fatal error in MS Windows. It represents a way of pronouncing it phonetically, but can also be used in textual form, usually to convey leetness.
Billy: "I don't like this computer, it's too unstable. I keep gettin these beesodds"
by Krooga July 27, 2005
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