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Mac Mall. Excellent rapper repping Cali. Released his first CD at 16 in the early nineties and has been on the grind since. Great lyrics (better than those that usually come from the west coast). Criminally underrated.
"Damn son, Mac Mall is one hell of a rapper. You got that Immaculate CD?"
by Krazah March 14, 2005
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Highest end department store in the Kansas City Area. Has 2 locations, one on the Plaza and one in Crown Center. Is owned by Hallmark, the greeting card company. Sells designer names, pretty much the only department store in the area that does so. Favorite store of Johnson County brats spending their parents money.
"Did you see the new Dolce & Gabanna jeans, and Lacoste polo he got from Halls? It only set him back $500."
by Krazah May 12, 2005
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KCMO - Kansas City, Missouri. Also referred to as Kansas City, Misery. Not to be confused with KCK, which is Kansas City, Kansas.

KCMO is known for poor roads, high crime rates, and internationally renowned rapper Tech N9ne (Tecca Nina)
I'm taking State Line to get some cheap gas in KCMO, I hope the potholes don't knock out my cars suspension.
by Krazah March 03, 2005
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