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A mix between a Noob and a Skrub. An inexperienced player who also does not know how to use weapons properly in a video game.
"Did you see that nubskrub in Team Fortress 2? He didn't even know how to use the main weapons."
by KoolDashKid February 18, 2016
The guilt you feel after ejaculation if you let your hormones take over your rationalization skills and you become really dirty-minded towards someone else in which there's something to regret afterwards.
Jamal: Dude I sent nudes to Jessica and I felt scared later
Mike: Sounds to me like hormonal backfire
by KoolDashKid November 25, 2017
The main character of the second ark in the famous, ongoing manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
The fourth JoJo of the Joestar bloodline beginning from George Joestar (the first) followed by Jonathan Joestar then George Joestar II.
Joseph's main weapon is Clacker Volley, but channels Hamon (which is primarily used for killing vampires) into it to increase its power and was used during most enemy encounters.
Joseph Joestar is famous for his tactical retreat, also known as nigerundayo
by KoolDashKid October 12, 2017
When an individual frequently avoids any social interaction with you, thus leaving you in no zone.
Mark: Jamie was responding to my texts with short messages. It's like she doesn't even want to talk to me

Eli: Dude, she's totally trying to no-zone you
by KoolDashKid March 26, 2019
When you intentionally or unintentionally talk about how someone else is attractive towards someone who has affections for you and vice versa, commonly ending in the other person becoming upset or pagro.
-Affection Block in action-
Boy: My celebrity crush is G. Hannelius. She's super gorgeous.
Girl: I see..
by KoolDashKid November 22, 2017
Any type of bean place inside of your rectum to gain intense and sexual pleasure.
I walked in on my mom using anal beans last night.
by KoolDashKid April 9, 2016