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aka Koroshiya 1

Badass japanese movie by Takashi Miike.

Features the most deranged dellusional psycho-killer-in-a-crappy-costume-who-kills-those-who-make-him-cry-and-cums-his-pant-in-the-process, and Kakihara, a stylish and dangerous extreme masochist yakuza leader.

This awesome flick is mostly known for its graphic and inventive torure scenes and bizzare characters.
Ichi The Killer is a very romantic movie, watch it with your significant other, and yes, don't forget to eat before you watch it.
by Kiriyama Kazuo January 24, 2004
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Awesome wrestler who competed mainly in ECW, WCW, WWE and NWA-TNA.

Often reffered to as the gimmick of the 90's, Raven's character evolved with time from an antisocial grunge mastermind in the mid-90's to a more energetic, cult leader like figure, with an obsession for his destiny.

His complex vocabulary confuses his foes as well as the fans, and his verbal dexterity is only matched by his in-ring skills.
Despite being horribly misused in "mainsteam wrestling", he's arguably the hottest talent in the indies right now.

Uses the Evenflow DDT (aka Raven Effect) as finisher.
Every one of you craves life's pleasures, yet you don't indulge.
You want to drink from ecstacy's cup, yet you won't imbibe.
You want to walk the edge, like Raven, but you're afraid to fall, so you back away, slowly, hoping no one notices your frailties, your cowardice.

You wish you weren't so weak, and you hurt.
Well what do you know about pain!? Try walking in my shoes.
Experience my sorrow, a childhood without hope, a life without joy. But hey, at least you'll be alive.

They say the Raven is the Flock's guide down alienation's barren path. But really, I walk alone. Quote the Raven, nevermore . . .
by Kiriyama Kazuo January 24, 2004
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