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A vulgar name used to describe the Pokemon known as Clefairy or Clefable.
"Hey guys I just caught a Clefairy yesterday back in my old Pokemon Blue game"
"Who the fuck catches Clefaggots anymore? Ass jouster."
by KintarosTiger November 4, 2009
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1) A sandwich containing a penis
2) An exclamation, best used when something would be called gay.
1) What is the best kind of sammich? A cock sammich, of course.
by KintarosTiger November 12, 2009
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n. Another name for Reese's Puffs cereal, so nicknamed because of the gangsta-related commercials for it nowadays.
Bobby: Want some Reese's Puffs, John?
John: You mean those fucking Nigga Puffs? White boy please!
by KintarosTiger March 23, 2011
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A mentally retarded person, or other person with a perceived low IQ who, for some reason or another, likes Pokemon.
The famous Mudkips boy qualifies as a Pokemoron.
by KintarosTiger November 8, 2009
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v. A verb inspired by both a Youtube Poop and Dave Chapelle's definition of a "stranger"; when performing a Gay Luigi, one constantly eggs on someone until they say "Fuck you!", and then you yourself reply, "No, YOU, (person's name)". You then proceed to anally rape the person.
Know what I like to do when I get a massive hard-on? I like to make fun of people until they say to me, 'fuck you!'. I then say, 'no, you', and then I rape them. I call it, a Gay Luigi. Have you ever felt a Gay Luigi?
by KintarosTiger March 23, 2011
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n. A joke that is officially older than god. This is because the joke has gotten to such an extent that it is now used as a blatant insult to christians regardless of whether or not they are bible bashing, shit-eating douchefucks.
"All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster! RAme--"

*FSMist (aka atheist extremist) gets the shit beat out of him/her by the WBC, both of which have similar IQs that are both as low as Forrest Gump's*
by KintarosTiger March 24, 2011
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