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Poonut butter is a delicious treat, similar in consistency to Gnutella. Here is the receipe for Poonut Butter:

1. Eat only bran muffins for a whole day
2. Eat only bran muffins for the next day
3. Eat only bran muffins for the next day
4. On the 4th day, begin harvesting your poop. It will be in small "poonuts" from all the bran. Put 1 pound of poonuts into the food processor along with a 1/2 cup of olive oil. Blend until smooth. Serve poonut butter on bread or baked in a pie.
Hey Jimmy, your mom makes the best poonut butter YEYYYYYYY!
by King Souser December 04, 2005

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verb form of souser. this word can be an adjective, noun, verb, etc. It's a derogatory remark used to engender hostility and cast derision.
That motherfucker is such a fucking souse.
by King Souser March 28, 2005

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A new fondue, invented in Germany, that is taking the shei├če world by storm. The ingredients are vegetable oil and a steaming hot freshly pooed turd. It is mixed up and served over an open flame, on bread or apples. For a rare treat, mix it with poonut butter and serve on ice cream.
Larry made an incredible fon-doodoo this morning from his daily deuce!
by King Souser August 14, 2006

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one who souses. noun form of souse.
Sousing is a derogatory term that can be inserted in lieu of any other word. It can be a noun, verb, adjective, or just about any other type of word.
Jimmy is such a fucking souser, he loves to souse it up.
by King Souser March 28, 2005

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in verb form, it would be:

That fucker souses it all the time, usually with baby oil.
I told him to fucking souse it up yo
by King Souser March 29, 2005

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