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The act of being sexiled from the place where one was going to sleep after already being sexiled. It is rumored that this freak accident has only happened 13 times in history.
Alex: Hey Greg, can I stay in your room tonight? Mike is sexiling me because his girlfriend is in town for the weekend.
Greg: Yeah sure, just pull your mattress in there.

Greg: Dude, ... I'm sorry, this girl is coming over. She really wants it bad.
Alex: Fuck ... Are you really going to Double Sexile Me?
Greg looks at new text and leaves the room.

Alex finally gets to go to sleep
by King of Wake October 11, 2009
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An extreme sexual move that involves a running jump off of a couch or similarly placed piece of furniture onto a bed resulting in the penetration of a chick with one's cock on landing.
"Did you hear what Rob did last night? He pulled an Evel Knievel with some random chick."
"Really? The last person I knew who tried that missed and broke his dick in three places."
by King of Wake March 23, 2009
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