3 definitions by Kimber E

To go through a detox from your ex for a period of time. Usually at least 60 days.
Jodi keeps going back to John and needs a serious hetox to get over him.
by Kimber E September 24, 2007
The same as hetox, except for a man who is remains in no contact with his ex for a period of time, usually at least 60 days.
Brian and Val keep breaking up and getting back together. He seriously needs to do a shetox.
by Kimber E September 24, 2007
An occurence so odd and out of the ordinary, it had to be put in place by God. A wink from God letting you know you're in the right direction.
I cannot believe that after moving cross-country, I ran into a man who used to live 5 blocks away, growing up. It's definitely a godwink that we met.
by Kimber E October 7, 2007