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A short-lived society in and around the people's republic of Cambridge. The basis of this group was a common interest in socializing, specifically partying. As early as 2001 people of all races, faiths, genders and socio-economic backgrounds were being iniated into the glee club. Once iniated, one can never "leave" the glee club, although it is very easy to renounce and move on from. There were two ways to be iniated, which were:
1. To be iniated by a member of the glee club, fulfilling the oath and learning the handshake.
2. Exchanging bodily fluids with any glee club member.
(Because of iniation rule #2, it is uncertain how many glee club members there are on earth. It is theorized somewhere between 900-70,000 people are in the glee club without even knowing it.)

The tenets of the glee club were:
1. Party hard.
2. Party harder than you did the night before.
3. Party safe.

Drugs were not necessary for membership, although thoroughly encouraged. Super neato things like bitchin' parties, good drugs for cheap, a diverse knowledge and selection of drugs, and an uncanny ability to alienate other clique's were par for the course for glee club members. In 2004, the glee club disbanded due to a lack of leadership, funding for and direct supply of drugs, not to mention everyone in the glee club figured out just how stupid perpetually chilling with the same dirty-pothead associates was.

People stopped partying with the glee club when their ambitions turned away from excessive drug abuse and towards the opposite sex, or maybe sex in general.

Glee club members to this day claim it was a long-running joke, or a scheme to get high for free gone horribly wrong, and swear to never again allow a group of people to do so little for so long and stay high through it all.
Person A: Why is we so fuckin' gleeful?
Person B: 'Cuz we's the mother-fuckin' glee club.
by Killacktron April 27, 2006
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A fictional Bulgarian folk singer dubbed "the master of the ocarina." His hits include "baa baa black sheep" and "my babushka baby" as well as more traditional songs such as "havah nagilah" and "the girl from plovdiv."

Appeared in a sprite commercial in the late 1990's and broke the hearts of milllions when it was revealed at the end of the commercial that one could not purchase the fake CD in question.
Yablo's timeless classic "baa baa black sheep" will live forever in American advertising lore.
by Killacktron December 31, 2012
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