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When you have a friend on Facebook or something that you don't really know that well, and it's his/her birthday, you say "hbd" instead of saying "Happy Birthday!"
Person 1 : Hey, at the side of my Facebook it says its John's Birthday. I don't even talk to him, but he goes to my school. But I'll just say happy birthday anyway.

( Person writes on his wall ... )

Person 1 : hbd
by KiiF January 04, 2011

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Say it when you want to fuck some shit that is gay.

Or when your angry at someone/something.
person 1:"FUCK THIS GAY SHIT!!"
person 2:"Are you saying that cuz your mad?"
person 1:"No, because I really, REALLY, want to fuck this gay shit."
person 2:"Uh, nice."
by KiiF February 09, 2010

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You Only Live Twice, a motto used by people with a religion referring to the afterlife. These people are then bashed by atheist Drake fanboys/fangirls who scream YOLO, although Drake is a Jew himself.
You only live twice, thats the motto nigga YOLT.
by KiiF May 22, 2012

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The new retarded Wii that sounds like an ambulance.

Like a Nintendo DS, but not portable.
Person 1: Hey, I got my new awesome Wii U, it's got a screen on the controller and-
Person 2: WII U WII U WII U
by KiiF June 10, 2011

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