4 definitions by Kid HAM

Use this term after describing something you used to do, or before you describe something that happened to you. The phrase can be said just by itself if in the right context, to mean "Oh yeah we used to do that all the time"
"Hey remember when we used to always play poker on Wednesdays?" "Dude, Back in Nam"

"Back in Nam, I got raped by a sea monkey"
by Kid HAM August 17, 2012
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To move around a city or town with a group of your friends, causing a great amount of public disturbance; often involves old people frowning at you, and calling you "hoodlums".
"Hey Keenan, wanna mob tonight?"
"Carlin and I are gonna drive around and kick over trash cans tonight, wanna mob with us?" also see mobbin
by Kid HAM August 17, 2012
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An extremely hot girl, who goes for any advancing sexual acts that you propose to her. Extremely easy to get, but not necessarily considered a slut by guys. This girl is just down for whatever.
"Hey James, did you get Kim to do the upside down in a hammoc sex thing with you?" "Yeah man it was easy!, she's a total Green-Light Girl!"
by Kid HAM August 17, 2012
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A fat, hairy, white dude who somehow gets a lot of hot girls, primarily by stealing them from other guys. Has a very small penis, in many cases a chode.
"Dude, Knoll stole your girl again?"
"Fuck that Knoll, he keeps flirting with my woman!"
by Kid HAM August 16, 2012
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