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The certain kind of cleavage produced by wearing lower cut sports bra.
I was about to go work out but i have a wicked case of lesbian cleavage so i am staying in.
by KeLL August 26, 2012
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i came here to see what the jelly thing was all about. I wore them when i was a kid and they were cool. I had jelly sandals too...what the hell do THOSE mean now? I think its sad that some of these girls have actually bought into this whole thing and feel obligated to give up sexual favors just cuz someone "snapped" them.
Someone stepped on my black jellie shoes...and my toe hurt after.
by Kell January 31, 2004
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retard; someone who is clumbsy and foolish; another definition: someone who is gay
stop being such a roohoo
by kell May 04, 2004
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guys wearin socks and sandals
Eww look he's wearin mandals
by Kell September 11, 2003
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Yoshi's woman counterparts, female friends and/or pets.
I'm gonna go see Yoshi, and once again catch him in the act of sadamy while he slams his skank ho.
by Kell March 11, 2003
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