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To have an online chat with someone that isn't interested in what you are saying and thus responds either not at all or very little.
I was writing paragraphs to her but she was just saying one word sentences back! I was basically chatterdating.
by KeezyWBaby May 02, 2011
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To take away your eyes virginity through ocular intercourse.
Baby, I'm bout to whip my dick out and pop your owl.
by KeezyWBaby April 28, 2011
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Unendlessly Amazed.
I am ceased by her stupidity.
by KeezyWBaby April 27, 2011
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She needs to wipe those crumbs off her face. If she wants to laugh with us then Bitch should join the convo. She's looking like the Cookie Monster over 'dere.
by KeezyWBaby June 09, 2011
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