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A construction worker who is on drugs, sniffs gas, has a couple in the morning, and still thinks he can do it.
Can we smoke it, Yes we can!
Bob the builder got busted for smoking a dube on the job.
Bob the builder smokes dubes while taking a crap.
Bob got busted in his speicial garden.
(Bob) got wasted while working with the crain and destroyed the gentelmen's club next store.
(Bob) was smoking a dube When he heared his crain talk to him.
(Bob) got caught sniffing gas in his dumb truck.
(Bob) does so much drugs that he doesn't know who Bob is anymore
by Keebles October 13, 2005
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Farts that smell really bad( like dead animal in the sun bad). This is caused by eating Taco Bell, or any other Mexican food.
Rank fart:

Eating Mexican food before a flight might cause the TSA to refuse you the right to fly.

Mexican food on your wedding day is a bad idea(unless you want clear the place out fast).

Mexican food before church makes you sit in your own pew. This will make the every baby in the crying room cry and the parents wounder who did it.

Eating Mexican food before a movie will cause a riot in the movie theater when a fart is released.
by keebles February 16, 2012
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When you blow a load shaped like a lighting bolt on a girls forehead.
hey did pull a harry potter on your girl friend?
by keebles June 24, 2009
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A man with a monkey fetish who likes to stick his flag pole up hairy tunnels.
Tarzan got kick out of the zoo for flag poleing a monkey.
Tarzan got his flag pole stuck in a tree.
Tarzan got caught running his hands up his flag pole in public.
by Keebles October 13, 2005
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riot farts are so bad that they cause riots and mayhem.
riot farts caused mayhem in Egypt.

riot farts are considered to deadly dangerous.

riot farts closed a mall in your area.

riot farts are mostly in Mexico.
by keebles February 16, 2012
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gay dudes with strange shaped´╗┐ sex toys on their heads
teletubbies= gay dudes with strange shaped´╗┐ sex toys on their heads
by keebles August 25, 2012
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A freak with green hair and is a bitch to all the kids with the rings. He also probably has STDS and gave them to everyone that's why the show is no longer on tv.
Captian Planets powers are:
Earth= That's when he is taking a shit and it is HUGE
Fire= When he lites his farts
Wind= When he farts really hard and almost shits his pants
Water= When he is taking a leak or when the toilet over flows
Heart= when He plays hide his sausage with the kids
by keebles October 25, 2005
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