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OverDew is when you basically drink too much Mountain Dew too fast and you start to feel nauseous and or dizzy. This feeling is horrible. You will feel very ill and will need to rest for a short time.
" I was very thirsty so i grabbed a Mountain Dew from the refrigerator and drank the whole bottle in about 15 seconds. After a short period of time i felt very weird. My stomach started to growl. I felt like i have just eaten very old meat. I went to stand up for a drink of water but i couldn't. I kept stumbling on my feet. I noticed i was very dizzy as well. I layed down on my bed and started to feel better. After a 10-20 minute nap i felt new again. That was the time i had my first OverDew."
by Kbaezmaster1 October 18, 2014
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A Hard-Boiled Hot Pocket is not your ordinary pocket. This is Outta Pocket.

Boiled in water at a temp of 420, this hot pocket shall burst into the water. This creates a perfect pond of what ever flavor you have chosen. Imagine it now, two cups of boiling sausage egg and cheese water, while a loaf of bread floats at the top. After boiling for 69 seconds, it is time to dive into this magnificent body of water. Enjoy the sogginess of the bread as the sausages get stuck in your teeth.
Samuel: "Man.. i sure am hungry. What's that you got there kev?"
Kevin: "oh nothing... Just a Hard-Boiled Hot Pocket.. that's right... HARD BOILED"
by Kbaezmaster1 March 20, 2021
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