2 definitions by Kazazik

Past tense of "ain't"
A verb using contractions of "was" and "not", also "were" and "not".
Used to state a form of being in the negative and past tense.
Archaic or anachronistic southern slang
"It ain't right Cletus, he wain't there when I's came."
"If wain't for dat horse, I's gone to the college."
(using above contractions respectively)
by Kazazik April 17, 2005
(noun)Those little bottles of alcohol (usually in plastic bottles)at or around the counter of a package store.

(Could be regional diction,N.East, in CA they were referred to as "Shooters")
"Hey Durgus, whadja get at the packy?"

"Ah, just some nips of "Wild Turkey".

"Dude, checkout the mini-fridge! There's an arsenal of nips, I'm getting drunk, Oh yeah!"
by Kazazik April 24, 2005