12 definition by Kaytee P

1. a snack or treat
2. a synonym for "Yay" or "good" can be sarcastic
3. meant Miss or Mrs or Ms in the Puritan Colonies
1. "Halloween candies are Goodies"
2. "Goody... I get to do homework now!"
3. "... I saw Goody Calvert with the Devil! And Goody Putz and Goody Tregoe!!!"
by Kaytee P January 13, 2004

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see my definition of colorguard because I'm not in one i spelled it as one word...
I'm in the band :-)
by Kaytee P January 14, 2004

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Stands for Nazi Necrophiliac Turtle... an affectionate... yes! Affectinate name that actually means absolutly nothing in reality
Hey NNT!
Hey Fishy!
by Kaytee P May 12, 2003

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1. A really icky food that normally swims in salt water until you catch it and cook it and eat it.... yuck!

2.The Bari Sax player who is excessivly perverted and enjoyed Band Camp way too much

3. A slimy person
1. Rachel likes fish but I can't stand it

2. Hey! Fish! What are you doing with that flute player?

3. C and A are such fish, so sly and slimy... ew!
by Kaytee P May 12, 2003

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A cross between Schmuck and Putz
She is such a schmutz!
by Kaytee P August 27, 2003

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