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Anyone who uses text acronyms in real life when talking to another person.
Jake: Did you hear about the new horror movie coming out next week?

Darryl: OMG, I wanna see that movie so bad!

Jake: wow, you're such a text-talker.
by Katoosh September 06, 2009

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A word expressing beating someone at a game, or in a challenge, usually to be said slowly (pronounced ploogen).
Also known as a later form of haduken.
After she beat him in rock, paper, scissors, she went straight into in his face, and yelled to him-plugen.
by Katoosh July 08, 2009

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A term used to describe losing a game, also the opposite of plugen. Used when a major loss has occured.
He lost to Anthony in Brawl, due to a freakish combo, without getting hit once and he screamed "seregetugen!"
by Katoosh July 20, 2009

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A form of expression, signaling a sudden great force, like a push or a blast of pure energy. =D. Original form, second for is plugen created solely by Katoosh and posted onto urban dictionary.
"haduken!!!!!" *pushes friend to ground*
by Katoosh July 08, 2009

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