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a common response for whenever someone announces that they are going to do something totally normal, boring, or routine.
Person 1: I'm going to the bathroom.
Person 2: Have fun!

Person 1: I'm going to pick up some milk at the grocery store.
Person 2: Have fun.
by Katinthehat February 21, 2008
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Apparently, it is what labels are for.
-You wear so much Abercrombie, you're such a prep!
by Katinthehat April 27, 2007
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When a band mysteriously gains uncountable haters as well as fans when they are discovered by mtv or otherwise become popular. This can be for many reasons, including an attempt at nonconformity, becoming a fall out fan, or simply becoming aware of the band and not liking them.

If you want an example, search the name of a band that is not entirely well know on Urbandictionary, such as The Academy Is. Most likely (as of now spring 2007), all the definitions you see will be positive. However, if you were to search a much more popular band, like Fall Out Boy, at least half of the definitions will be very negative.
New Fan: woah, I just heard (insert band name here) on the radio for the first time, and they sound great!
Hater: eww, I hate them, they suck and they are so gay eew.
Old Fan: Yeah, they went through a major pop drop after being discovered by mtv, but I still like 'em.
by Katinthehat May 2, 2007
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okay, I usually want to make my definitions pretty unbiased (if that's even a word). In the case of the word scene, though, I do not feel like I am being biased when I define it the way I do because I feel like being scene is, overall, a pretty negative thing. Anyway...

Scenester: A person who is scene, obviously. The basic goal of a scenester is to be non-conformist, and in order to do that, they conform to the scene style. In other words, they are a complete and utter poser. Typical scene style and behavior consists of:
-short, choppy, black hair (this is a must for males and females), often with a stripe or chunk of an unnatural color or bleach.
-band shirts, generally emo bands
-skinny jeans for girls, girls jeans for guys
-Converses or Vans
-bright colors paired with black
-polka dots
-dinosaurs, robots, or other kiddyish fantasy-type ideas
-girly ribbons for girls
-Myspace account, with tons of pouty pictures at weird angles
-typing (and often talking) with weird phrases, like HARDXCORE, KTHNXBAI, and others

The number one trick to being scene, though, is to deny that you are scene, because even though you know you are, you're supposed to think labels are for soup cans.
Scenester: Hey, look at my new polka-dot dinosaur t-shirt and hair that I cut myself last night while blindfolded! I am so hardxcore.
Normal Person: You're such a scene poser, go a away.
Scenester: I am SO not! Besides, labels are for soup cans. kthnxbai.
by Katinthehat April 26, 2007
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noun. Alternate name for Orbit Raspberry Mint Gum.
"Here, want some Raspberry Orbit?"
"Mmmm, fruity!"
by Katinthehat January 27, 2008
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The mysterious occurence of when a fan of a band starts to suddenly hate said band as soon as they become popular, appear on MTV, and are heard on the radio. Often, a fall out fan will insist that the band was ruined by mtv, when, in reality, the band has not changed at all except for their popularity status. Usually is in response to all the new teeny bopper fans. Named so for the band Fall Out Boy, which has many fall out fans.
Teeny Bopper: omg did u see (insert band name here) on mtv last nite??? they were lyk pwning!!111
Fall Out Fan: They were only good before mtv TOTALLY RUINED THEM.
by Katinthehat May 2, 2007
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Dictionary definition: a short word or phrase descriptive of a person, group, intellectual movement, etc.
Urban definition: Almost the same as the diciontary definition, but specified more toward a person or group's style or behavior. Examples would be: prep, goth, emo, punk, skater, scene, nerd, jock, etc. A common phrase relating to labels is "Labels are for soup cans," which pretty much means "Don't label people."

But according to the dictionary, you're supposed to label people. And that doesn't just mean "prep" or "emo." What most people don't realize is that everything from gender to religion falls under the category of "labels." So lesson one is, don't think all labels "are for soup cans."

Also, even the labels that are like "prep" or "emo," are they really that bad? I'd agree that they're bad if somebody were to say "I hate all preps," because obviously, not all preps are the same. But if somebody were to just say "I'm a prep," it's not doing any harm. Someone who willingly calls themself by a label must not think badly of labels. Even if somebody calls you a label that you aren't, it doesn't really matter what they think, as long as they don't judge you on it. So, lesson two is, it doesn't really matter what label you are, it just matters how you consider yourself.
-I've noticed you wear a lot of eyeliner and seem to be very interested in alternative bands. Are you emo?
-Um, ok.
by Katinthehat April 27, 2007
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