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Originally used for saying "laugh out loud" or "laughing out loud"
Now used for:
1. In awkward situations when you have nothing to say

2. Something you say after you say something mean, to imply you are joking when you are really not

3. Something you say when you are annoyed at the person you are texting
(1) Person #1 Hey, my grandmother died today, and I found out my dad has cancer. and my best friend overdosed and is in the hospital.
Person #2 lol

(2) Person #1 Hey, your breath smells really bad today and I hate ur clothes...lol
Person #2 ...um
Person #1 oh, and I think ur fat lol

(3) Person #1 So 13587 - y + 852371957 equals...
Person #2 lol
by KatieJaney3 July 05, 2010
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