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Gringa is the spanish definition for a white female usually used for english speaking persons, it doesn't matter if she is american, italian, french or whatever as long as she is white and speaks any other language different from spanish.
Jose: mira wey que buena esta esa pinche gringa carnal.
Juan: si cabron pero es bien puta la pinche guera.
Jose: ha de estar mas jodida que la Britney Spears.
by Katan7 July 5, 2009
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Yet another misspelled word of spanish, vaca meaning cow.

baca or baka - the correct english way to white the japanese word バカ which means stupid.
why do you try to use foreing words like baca if you dont even know what they mean?
by Katan7 July 5, 2009
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Coolo - is the misspelled pronunciation of the spanish word culo wich means ass, so when somebody is called a coolo that doesn't really mean something cool.
Sarcasm - you are so cool that im going to call you a coolo.
Insult - you are a big stinking coolo.
by Katan7 July 5, 2009
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