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Guys with a kind, sincere approach towards your girlfriend who always seem to or try to hang out around / with your girlfriend. Your girl thinks they're good friends and gets along well with them but you know for fact that all they want is to be there to take the opportunity and move in on her with their good friend 'disguise' in case you and your girl ever went sour.
Your friend: Hey man, who all is coming to your girl B-day party?
You: I don't really care, as long as Mike doesn't show up.
Your friend: Oh that three legger, huh? Is he still trying man?
You: Unfortunately yes. I tried to tell her about what he's really upto but she goes on and on about that friend bull.
Your friend: Sorry to hear that man.
by Karma1 June 17, 2009

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An income that's less than $ 10000 a year. What the major percentage of the United States working population earns for a living.
Your friend: Hey did you check out Rob's new ride? It's off the hook.
You: Yeah I did. What I can't figure out is how he can afford a brand new Cadillac with only a single digit income. You know he's a bagger at Wallmart, he must have something going on on the side.
by Karma1 June 17, 2009

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