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Stupid dance, performed mostly by tools who think it's the shit. Give it 6 months max before everyone realizes how moronic it is, if it's not outright forgotten because of the hype of the next shitty-ass throw-away dance move - the kind that will embarass your children in 20 years.
*Kid's 16th birthday party, cue music*

Boy: Omg, dad, wtf you doin?
Father: The Stanky Leg!
Boy: (dies inside from sheer humiliation)
by Kappu February 20, 2009
1. (V.) The act of randomly and erratically pressing buttons (with barely a clue as to what is happening) when playing a game (esp. fighting game).

1. (N.) A game which requires little more than mindless button mashing to win.
2. A person who engages in the act of button mashing because they:
-Never played the game before.
-Are about to die/lose and panic easy.
3.A character in a game (esp. fighting game) who will unleash hell no matter how stupidly you press the buttons.
Eddy Gordo from Tekken and Maxi from Soul Caliber are classic button masher examples.

Dynasty Warriors is a button masher.

"Christie Montiero wins"
guy: Dude, stop button mashing!
noob: Na man, pure skill.
by Kappu February 6, 2009
A shallow and lazy potboiler of a song associated with an otherwise talented and respectable artist.
Appeals to the philistine audience.
Seriously, the lyrics sound like she took three different songs she never finished writing and put them together to make one full length one.
A girl's gotta eat, I guess.

Mariah: "Touch my body"
Chump: OMG, I looooove this song!
by Kappu February 6, 2009