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A group of 24 people who stood up against abusive administrators. They have other roles.
Your board has been infested by the Kaosu Buntai. Have a nice day.
by Kaosu Rah December 26, 2004

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Rah's site. If you check the urban definition of Rah, it means awesome and stuff - apart from being my name online. So, Rah = awesome. Therefore, Rah's site is -also- awesome.

Join, damn it.

KnC owns n00bs. Anytime.
by Kaosu Rah January 24, 2005

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Rick James, people. He is perhaps a very melancolic person, since he discreetly showed his hatred towards happiness. He also seems to have misunderstood certain things.

"Kage No Clan is one of the gayest forums on the net."
Yes, we are a very happy community.

"It is full of fags and all they do is talk about how much they love and praise n00bs."
Now, it looks like you have a thing against homosexual people. No, most of us are not homosexual, and no, we dislike and usually insult n00bs. Y'know, people like you.

"Kage No Clan is full of gay people."
Again, yes, most of us are quite happy.

Have a nice day.
"Kage no Clan would appreciate if n00bs like Rick James didn't register. Instead, we recommend you to shoot yourself and do the world a favor."
by Kaosu Rah March 31, 2005

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My nickname online. I then discovered Rah means evil in hebrew, and other stuff. Anyways, I'm simply awesome.

I am... uhm... the Rah ;.;
by Kaosu Rah December 31, 2004

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