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A blind, ded hobo from the manga series, Naruto.

Itachi is the first spawn of the Uchiha clan head. He is immediately recognized as a 'genius', amazingly skilled at ninja fighting/tactical abilities across the board, despite very little canonical evidence of this. Fugaku mostly ignores Itachi's little brother in favor of Itachi, which is ironic since generally it's the scorned child that goes and offs everyone.

Which is what Itachi did, incidentally, then he was busy being a troubled teen.

Shortly after the death of the Third Hokage, roughly five years later, Itachi returns to Konoha, this time under the organization, Akatsuki, and in pursuit of Naruto. Itachi's little brother is understandably incensed by Itachi's reappearance; he challenges him and gets PWN'd.

Thereafter, Itachi makes numerous random appearances, to no particular avail. He is apparently going blind, which makes it even more sad, because it's obvious he's never been to a seamstress in his life, and all of his clothes fit him like run-over shopping bags.

Then he dies.
1. Look, there goes Itachi. His brother is in the other direction, but take pity on the poor lump.

2. Itachi kills lots of people, including himself.
by Kalliel March 21, 2009
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