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A name for racist, misogynist, ultra conservative white supremacist always-privileged Republicans, after the tendency to find most of them wearing the red trucker hats bearing the campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" of 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald J Trump.

Red hats are offended by Equal Rights movements because the idea that equality might be achieved by raising the oppressed without lowering the un-oppressed is a foreign concept they are incapable of understanding.

They talk about preserving Men's Rights without taking into account that (white) Men have never been in danger of losing any of their rights, or appropriate Black Lives Matter to say All Lives Matter, when people of color are still fighting discrimination of which privileged (white) people are unaware.
"Twitter is now useless for following breaking news, click on #chelseaNYC and all you get is red hats screeching hate slogans & racial slurs."--NYT bestselling author David Wong
by KalliJ13 October 02, 2016

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