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Fuck all these other definitions, pussy whipped is when you sprung high as hell off the pussy, you desert everything for the pussy and live for the pussy. Pussy so good you willing to take all her shit just to keep it to your self. It is often associated with the effects of crack use. its just so addictive to you, you cant leave it alone. Warning, being called pussy whipped can also mean that you are a bitch nigga.
Boy 1- Ay G you wanna hit up the block later?
Boy 2- Naw i'ma pass my girl want me to plant tulips with her.
Boy 1- Word G? She got you planting flowers and shit?!
Boy 2- Yeah thats my boo.
Boy 1- Nah nigga you just pussy whipped.
*In both sense of the word.
by KWizzy18 November 01, 2008

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