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a free runner who is so sick he could just be a descendent of a ninja,
a person who is amazing and sneaks outa no where
the guy who always wins in hide and seek
but is never found
DUUUDE did u just see that guy, i swear to god hes a frikin ninja
dude i hate john he always wins hide and seek AND HE DOESNT EVEN COME OUT WHEN WE YELL GAMES OVER
damn that guys so ninja he drinks salt
outa a sippy cup
by KIZzla February 20, 2009
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to kill or rape in a video game
to butt fuck
or own in any way shape or form
usually associated with nerds and or video games
*headshot* dude total RAPAGE/rape
guy 1 - you just raped that drift
guy 2 - yeah i totally butt fucked it
by Kizzla February 20, 2009
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