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Usually a stud with a big dick. Mostly likely gets all the hoes as soon as he steps in the room. There's really nothing negative about this person guys wanna be him chick wanna suck his dick off.
Girl#1: Holy shit that guy is fuckin fine.
Girl#2: No shit he's a fucking ARCE.
by Kawmik January 26, 2011

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The worst most boring fucking city in America. Its full of lame drug users, hood rats, river rats, desert rats, lames, cholos sin barrio etc.
Mike: Man its fucking boring today.
Me: Fuck it dawg as long as we aint in Victorville no hay pedo.
by Kawmik January 26, 2011

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is Mexican slang for someone that is either ignorant,a dumb ass, dumb fuck, etc.
Joe: Look at that bitch over there she's wants some dick ey?
Cruz: Fuck it homles Imma go hit that shit.
Jorge: Where's he going can I go?
Joe: What do you mean where he going? You know where fucking TAPADO
by Kawmik January 26, 2011

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Is a Mexican word to give someone a beating with a leather belt.
Marcos: Papi, take me to the park.

Dad:No cabron do your homwork.

Marcos:I don't want to.

Dad: Si no lo haces te voy adar unos CINTARAZOS!!!!
by KAWMIK May 25, 2012

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A fellow author on Urban Dictionary. From Santa Ana, California.
Dude, you should totally look up KAWMIK's definitions he's hilarious
by KAWMIK June 30, 2012

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