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Most neglected "US" territory (formerly mexican territory, but stolen of course) where non-US citizens (mexicans) have a chance at minimum wage jobs for under-the-table-money.
Every morning Pepito walks across the bridge from Matamoros, Mexico to Brownsville, TX to work at a taco restaurant earning $4 an hour. His boss doesn't know anything about him, even if his name is really Pepito. All his boss knows is that Pepito shows up to work and earns his $4 an hour.
by justrandom September 17, 2009

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A very low quality or unrecognized brand, the term "Patito" is used in México to refer to initially china's products, now as more 'name brands" manufacture there, it refers more to the first case.
"Hey I just got this new pants!"

Nice, what brand are they?
Patito brand... :(
by JUSTRANDOM February 04, 2014

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A racist son of a bitch who practically hates guys with opposite skin tone. Such people are crazy about sports. They are intelligent but they never claim to be. The results make them sad and they tend to whine all day about them. Shounaks have trust issues and should be handled with catre
Dude, you are being such a shounak
by Justrandom January 01, 2015

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