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NOUN - common
1. Puffy swelling under the eye after a boozy night
2. Slang: testicles
3. Small handbag for a man made from leather, fabric or other substance displaying a brand name such as Gucci, Prada, Adidas or Game
4. Slang: condom
5. (Biblical): David kept his sling and stones in a MANbag (if he'd thought to, he could have kept his iPod in there as well.)

VERB - transitive: to MANbag something / someone
1. deposit small things in a MANbag e.g. he MANbags his keys after locking his car
2. hit someone with a MANbag e.g. He was MANbagged at the disco
3. to wear a condom e.g. it is wise to MANbag before sex
EXAMPLES in English:

1. Bible: "Reaching into his MANbag and taking out a stone, he slung it..." (1 Samuel 17:48)
2. Shakespeare, William (1564-1616): "With MANbag and baggage ." (As You Like It - Act III; Sc 2)
3. Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790): "It is hard for an empty MANbag to stand upright." (see Noun 4 above)
by JustiboyFB August 16, 2009

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