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The Latin definition of a horrible looking person.
Have you seen Kate? Damn she's so ugly she can't be human. She's a fucking Homo Horrendus.
by Jurus June 25, 2007

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Gaynious is an expression used as a sarcastic comment for naming a person that has done something stupid (like genious) but also insinuates that that person is gay.
Marko: Central heating is harming the world
Jurus: You mean global warming?
Marko: Oh yeah that's right
Jurus: Fuckin' gaynious
by Jurus June 19, 2007

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The way the dead torture the living
Who gives a fuck what some crazy motherfucker did 2000 years ago in history!!! Why the fuck should I know this fucking shit!!! Fuck you!!!
by Jurus November 24, 2006

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