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To have sex, perform sexual intercourse.
Girl: "It's been so long since I've had sex there's probably cobwebs and a barn owl living up in there"
Friend: "Man, you better feed the owl"
Girl: "No... HE better feed that owl!"
by JudyBootyBigPants October 11, 2006
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Old, homosexual men who enjoy hitting on young pages on Capitol Hill. You'll often see the pageophile typing furiously on his PC, sending young pages emails, text messages, and IMs, then leaving for their meetings for alcoholism or related behavioral issues. (see also, Mark Foley)
Yo, stay away from that dude, he's a worse pageophile than Mark Foley!
by JudyBootyBigPants October 03, 2006
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When a girl takes a dump, and has turds a large MAN would be proud to have passed.
Damn, that girl is cute, but she had feller turds!
by JudyBootyBigPants July 14, 2008
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