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A condition from which we cannot escape, else we would not have been able to tell breasts from chests if you get my drift. Many people are more apt at being judgemental than others, alarm bells ought to ring if you find yourself with 'personality labelers' who tell you that you have 'evil thoughts' or are 'stupid'. This is usually the result of some unfortunate mistake which you made and they have picked up on. The language they use is cunning, so it hits you where it hurts (guilt, sadness etc) and they blame you for causing the world misery.
This is a pretty good example:
Judgemental: What evil, sadistic teenagers <you will buy into this shit if you feel guilt, are a teenager or are conscious that enjoying the misfortune of others could be a bad thing, although you know it can be funny, like when a bird craps on a friends moustache> (who like to watch people writhe in pain with locked up anger inside <plain old bullshit, can work tricks when used by a personality dick - tator>) can freely accuse others of <grr the world is so unreasonable!>. People are commonly accused of this because they:

A) Are brutally honest and painfully observant <in other words covering his ass by emphasising his strong points, although many other people have these attributes but simply keep quiet or voice their opinions to those they care about>


B) may or may not have made an unfair judgement that does not please the hypocritical accuser. <a smidgeon of reasonability to protect his criticism that you will always be 'hypocritical'>
by Judger May 22, 2006
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