3 definitions by JubJubs

Someone who pushes chairs around the office to look busy.
Natasha stop being a chairleader and do some work!
by JubJubs May 15, 2014
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Any act including the combination of a Dwarf (i.e. Diastrophic Dysplasia), a domed topped rubbish bin and a young male with blonde hair is a swap or forest setting.
Any reenactment of Luke Skywalker meeting Yoda on planet Dagobah, as this was the name of the scene "The Yoda" became a game amongst the film crew, the idea was to try and catch suprise someone by doing iIt
by JubJubs October 3, 2013
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An Australian term used for the middle male in a trio of cyclists, normally the lest coordinated and attractive of the trio.
Hey Dan want to go for a ride Dan can be the "Link"
by JubJubs October 4, 2013
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