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A pejorative referring to Mormons. Much as Seminole Indians were derogatorily called "swamp niggers," and Middle Easterners are derogatorily called "sand niggers," the term "salt nigger" combines the abusive term "nigger" to "salt," since Salt Lake City is a cultural and religious center for Mormons.
Speaker 1: "When that Mormon isn't bashing gays or pushing his book door-to-door, he's keeping his three wives down."

Speaker 2: "Yeah, he's a salt nigger alright."
by jschurnmeister April 13, 2009

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A Mormon who strictly adheres to crazy Mormon teachings. Sometimes used to describe Mormon women, as in a portmanteau of Mormon and Fembot.
That girl doesn't want to think freely or have a career; she's a Morbot and wants to be third wife to some sleazy old LDS freak who cornholes her every night.
by Jschurnmeister April 13, 2009

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