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Term used by the police and press to describe a hooligan who lacks any real prospects beyond their criminality
Promising footballer, Wayne Johnson, was jailed for his vicious attack on an innocent person.
Promising footballer, Henry Hicks, died after crashing while evading police on a moped. Drugs found.
by JonnTeee October 30, 2019

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General slang term for a women. Can can be used with a qualifier such as "old doris". Not derogatory.
my doris, that old doris, some doris in at the door
by JonnTeee January 11, 2016

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In The Area... meaning "we are here". From Jamaican sound systems...
The band 'Blaggers ITA'
by JonnTeee June 27, 2021

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adj: fat, ugly and basic

Term used on dating websites and by 'friends' to describe unattractive people (normally women); often unaware that they are signalling that they are unattractive and basic.
I am very bubbly, and like going out as well as staying in.
by JonnTeee May 07, 2021

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