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cvnt n.
1.1337 for cunt. Very few people actually know of this slang. Fewer people use it so it is for those who are truly 1337.

This term is only used when typing vulgarities to other players in a game due to the fact that you can't really say cvnt.
*PaganBlender is no cvnt
*ElCorro is a huge cvnt
j00 r a cvnt and j00 just got pwnt.
by JonestownTea May 17, 2005

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This is a situational definition. When a dog drags its ass across the carpet in order to stop it from itching it is known as moonwalking.
Peter: "Brian when have I ever asked you to do anything for this family except for that thing you do when you scoot your ass across the carpet. You know the moonwalk?"
by JonestownTea May 22, 2007

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