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Body Area Network. That is a network that persists around the body. Mainly using Bluetooth as the medium but there is a move to WiFi to connect ones personal technology. It is mainly found truly satisfying by geeks, middle mamangement and men with no sex life.
a: check out checkout Jason' BAN. WOW, he's PSP is WiFi'd to N95, which he's using as boardband router and he's headphone are bluetooth ?!$%

b: He truely is a cock with no sex life, nuff said.
by jolyon September 27, 2007

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A form of tattoo that makes the victims of it look like total twats. Celtic/barb wire arm bands on men or lower back tattoos on women are fine examples of twattoos.
Look at that guys twattoo, he thinks hes so cool but he looks like a total cock. hahahaha
by Jolyon March 13, 2006

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