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Pejorative, tongue-in-cheek phrase used to describe people who acquire "tactical" weapons and accessories, but lack the basic skills, disposition and physical fitness required to use them.

The term "weapon operator" was originally applied to military personnel that were required to operate weapons during the course of their duties. Later it was used to refer to any special operation force member (Like a Navy Seal or Green Beret) and shortened to "operator" Its usage as a serious term has fallen out of favor due to its increased popularity with tacticool crowd.

Typically, someone who is "operator as fuck" will attempt to compensate for their lack of skill and fitness by attaching expensive accessories to their weapons and spending more hours bragging about shooting than actually practicing marksmanship.
Overheard at a public gun range:

"Did you get a look at the 300lb whale in lane five? He's got so much crap attached to his rifle he can't even pick it up."
--"You'd better watch what you say around him, that guy is operator as fuck."
by Jolly_Giraffe September 3, 2013
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