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An animal or person who is sly, sneaky, and opportunistic. Someone who is looking to slip their way into a situation and make it shittier.
"Your friend is such a shitweasel, every time he comes over, he creates drama by asking questions and exploiting their answers to upset people."

"My cat is the ultimate shitweasel. He somehow manages to open the door to my bedroom and urinate in the corner, even though I am very vigilant about keeping it closed and locked."
by JohnnyClemz June 14, 2008

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A silver mustache, usually found on the over-40 set. Typically seen at motorcycle, Nascar, and sporting events, this mustache is grown with pride and usually very well-groomed.
"Yo, I was at the Jimmy Buffett show last weekend, and I have never seen so many fine silverlips"
by JohnnyClemz June 11, 2008

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An experience that is inconvenient and unwarranted; any unpleasant or undesirable event.
"The drive through Boston today after the Red Sox game was such a mount, it took like 2 hours to get through the city."

"Wrapping 100ft, 2 inch thick generator cables is a mount."
by JohnnyClemz June 14, 2008

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