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Used to describe an italian who sodomizes the customers in your local shopping centers.
This word is rarely used in convorsation, but when you do hear it, it is often followed by gasps and shouts of horror.
Ethan: "Elizabeth, are you sodomizing the customers again?"
Elizabeth: "N-no Ethan, just looking at this crop-top"
Ethan: "Dont lie, you dirty cinnabego"
by John Bach July 02, 2006
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A Kwaffle is an amazing word to descirbe a wench who just ate the rest of the custard in your gelati.
This one is a union of "Cunt" and "Waffle"
The "K" gives it something extra.
Not to be confused with "Quaffle", which is some ball in harry potter or something.
Rizz: "What is that old man doing over there?"
Shannon: "What old man?"
Rizz: *steals custard*
Shannon: "You kwaffle!"
by John Bach July 02, 2006
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A combination of the words Clitoris, and Egg(s).
Used to describe a total bitch/whore who just stole your poon-tang.
Damnit KP! Youre such a clitoregg!
by John Bach July 02, 2006
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(noun) Kun-uh-Ling-gwee-nee

Pasta cooked in the inside of a womans vagina thus absorbing the delicate flavors and juices.
Carol: "What are you bringing to the pot luck Chandra?"
Chandra: "I'll probably just make some cunnilinguini"
by John Bach January 06, 2007
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